Month: July 2016

How To Keep Your Garage Free from Insects and Pests

The garage is one of the places in the house where pests and other vermin tend infest because it is always opened and closed giving them enough chance to come in from the outside.  Your garage may normally be not the cleanest part of your home but it should not mean that you have to contend with this issue.  Check out some of these tips to keep it insect free.

Keep Your Garbage Secure

One of the major reasons bugs and other insects infest your garage is because the garbage can was not left secure.  If you store your garbage in the garage make sure that it does not leak or else bugs and other insects will smell the buffet.  Also, store your garbage outside whenever it is possible.  According to garage door maintenance Anaheim California experts, if you cannot avoid storing it in your garage at least clean and disinfect the can with bleach or some other cleaning liquid. Make sure also that the bags are tied tightly before they go into the can to prevent pests from being attracted to it.

Determine Where They Come In

Auto Reverse Feature on Garage DoorsIf you notice an increasing number of insects and other pests in your garage you need to determine where they are coming in. Obvious holes in the wall may not be seen outright so take a flashlight and explore the nooks and crannies. Look for animal droppings, sawdust, spider webs, wasp nests, and obvious chew marks on insulation etc., as these are pretty obvious signs that you have unwanted residents in your garage.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks on Your Garage Door

More often than not, the most obvious entry point to your home would be the garage door.  Look for cracks, holes and other signs of damage. Check if it is properly aligned or any spaces in between that would allow small animals and other insects to get inside.  Garage door repair Santa Ana California experts recommend annual maintenance checkups to ensure optimum door function.

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Essential SEO Advice for WordPress Websites

WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms for creating sites. Once you have created a site you need to ensure that it is ranked properly in search engine results pages so that you can have the exposure you need to reach your target audience.  Here is where the process of web development end and search engine optimization begins.

Content is King

wordpressAccording to Internet Marketing Minneapolis experts, optimization is effective when it is paired with unique and high quality content. Preferably, the text you provide on the site feature keywords that focuses on the overall theme of what you are posting.  The content needs to be easily understandable and readable by almost anyone. The text for your site needs to be written with the viewer in mind, not the search engine.

Exchange of Backlinks

In order to stay relevant, your WordPress site needs to exchange backlinks with other authoritative sites (those with high page ranks) that relate to your topic. It is also equally important to link between pages within your site itself but do this with a bit of caution and only link if it is relevant.  Avoid the mistake of linking each page to one another.

Match a Good File Name with Image Files

According to SEO Minnesota providers, search engines have a knack of drawing images in the ranking of sites. For example, Google displays both text as well as images on its results, drawing on appropriate pictures that are present in the post and then linked to the page.  To do this correctly you need to implement keywords of a certain subject in your filename. Instead of linking DSC123456.jpg use basketball-Lebron-James-Clevelan.jpg instead.  If you have an image of Lebron James in Cleveland do not forget to utilize the alt tag as well as the title tag for your pictures.  This will result to better usability and hence better search ranking.

Use SEO Optimized Themes

There are some WordPress themes out there that require a lot of code to establish design and layout. The search engine will analyze through the source code to determine relevant content. More code means lesser keywords and content.  Quick performing WordPress themes are recommended as they have a positive effect on Google ranking because site performance is a good benchmark for user experience.

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Knowing the Difference between PCB and PWB

When your field is electronics manufacturing or you are a student of electronics chances are you may have come across the terms PWB and PCB.  The difference between these two electronic items is subtle and there is really no correct term officially. Here are some differences for you to consider when using them.

Industry Definition

The term PWB refers to printed wiring board technology.  According to FIREPLOT software specialists, it refers to the substrate usually epoxy glass to provide component attachments and interconnections in order to create a fully functioning electronic circuit. PCB or printed circuit board on the other hand refers to the width; side-to-side as well as multi-layer relationship of conductor runs has or is designed to have a specific effect on the operation of a circuit other than merely a point-to-point connection.  The subtle difference that is referred to between the two is that the latter focuses more on the completed circuits on a board while the former refers chiefly to the board itself.

In the US electronics industry, the terms PWB and PCB is used interchangeably. The term PWB is an older term that was mainly used more frequently for the boards when the electronics industry was just in its starting phase.  At the time, the main point of contention was that it was merely a point-to-point connection on the boards and nothing more.  However, advances in technology required the term PCB to be used only for new document development due to the fact that printed circuitry design has a major impact on its functionality.

Role of Geography

According to PARCAM with EXT software specialists, geography plays a major role in terms of how the terms are used. For instance, PCB is more commonly used in the United States whereas the term PWB is more in use in Japan.  The Japanese preferred the term PWB to avoid confusion with PCB, which is also a kind of poison known as polychlorinated biphenyls.

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How to Properly Maintain a Septic Lagoon System

Septic lagoons are basically big ponds into which effluent or sewage from the sewage system collects.  Bacteria in the lagoon breakdown the sewage and effluent assisted by sunlight, warmth and oxygen present.  Here is how to properly maintain a septic lagoon system.


According to lagoon covers specialists, in order for a septic lagoon to dissolve sewage and effluent it should be up to standard with the following specifications.

  • It should not be deeper than 1 meter
  • The banks of the lagoon need to be sloped at least 15 to 20 degrees and should be constructed from either concrete, rock or gravel.
  • The water needs to be free of any vegetation and objects that might surface wave action
  • It should be surrounded by a fence and a lockable gate to keep animals and unauthorized people out

Controlling Surface Water and Runoff Control

lagoon coversAccording to pond covers specialists, in order to stop overflow or “floating out” during wet periods where there is potential for high water levels, it may be vital to establish a curtain drain or intercept for the purpose of keeping the surface water as well as the groundwater out of the septic lagoon.  Normally, the intercept drain should be at least one to two feet in width and at least six inches deep. For the curtain drain trench it needs to slope at least 4 inches in 100 ft. of horizontal run and needs to dispose of runoff daylight or to a preferred destination downhill from the lagoon where water won’t be able to run back towards the controlled area.

Septic Tank Maintenance

The tank needs to be inspected once a year to guarantee that it is working correctly as designed. The inspection will also determine when scum and sludge need to be cleaned out.

Monthly Checklist

  • Repair holes and gaps in the fence that might allow animals or children to gain access to the lagoon
  • Make sure the lock is working properly and if not replace accordingly
  • Check the dike and repair as needed to maintain same height and shape when it was originally constructed
  • Check for damage caused by rodents and other burrowing animals along the dike

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Understanding Common Homebuyer Rejection Responses

When it comes to negotiating with new homebuyers, do you ever feel like you are encountering the same responses and obstacles over and over again? While the faces differ, the rejections feel like you’ve heard it a thousand times before.  According to remodeler sales conversion providers, human behavior is quite predictable especially when it comes to buying a new home.  Here are some ways by which you can overcome these common homebuyer rejection responses.

“The wife and I will think about it.”

This is probably one of the most common rejection responses faced by renovation sales specialists.  To put it simply, the buyer is not yet convinced which is why he is hesitating. You need to determine the underlying issue why not.

Here is how to reply: “ I know how you feel. Can I put together some important data to assist you in making a decision? We know that you like the neighborhood and the community and you seem to like the home. Is there anything else that you need from me in order for you make up your mind?”

“I will have to discuss this with my lawyer/accountant/other.

This response is an obvious delay tactic from a customer that is hesitant to make a major decision on his own. Regardless of his true nature here is how you can reply:

“ I am sorry to hear that you lawyer/accountant/other cannot join us today.  However, since you are quite happy with the home and the offer, we can begin the paperwork already so that it meets the standard of your lawyer/accountant/other in order for you not to miss out on this rare opportunity.

“We can’t afford this, it is simply too expensive.”

When faced with this response try to determine if the buyer is simply saying he cannot afford it or he is just not into it. Your customer is not thinking the home is not worth the price tag or is merely looking for a discount. As opposed to simply giving up here is what you can say:

“You can definitely find a home that is of lesser value but you need to know that with that comes a lesser home, neighborhood or both.  If you take into consideration the price difference and then compute it with the current interest rates, a twenty thousand dollar difference is equivalent to just $4.67 per day. Do you really think that the price of a cup of coffee is enough to prevent you from owning the home you really want?

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Spend More and Get More Value From Your Garage Door

The saying you get what you pay for holds true for all items and the garage door is no exception to this. If you want cheap, chances are you’ll get cheap quality, put down some more cash for a good investment and you reap the rewards over the long term. According to garage door installation Forest Lake experts, a poorly equipped and maintained door leads to a lot of issues that will cost you more over the long run.  Spend more to get more value from your garage door.


Heating Problems

During the cold winter months all of us have gotten our share of fumbling with the car keys while trying to hop onto the car to get to work.  Old and damaged garage doors freely let the cold air in not only on your garage but the entire house as well. Garage door maintenance Oak Grove experts recommend having an insulated garage.  It is entirely possible that the only reason why your heating bill is going through the roof is because of your door. Getting an insulated door prevents the cold air in and increases the heating efficiency of your home.  Freezing temperature is not the only problem you face with a broken door. Vermin and other pests like mice rats and squirrels may mistook your home for their habitat and take shelter inside. They could even bite their way in if the door is old and brittle enough.

Lower Noise Levels

garage door 1Noise ranging from quick car repairs or loud music from your kids can get you in trouble with the neighbors or worse, the cops. An insulated door can ensure that what you do in the garage is not broadcasted throughout the entire neighborhood. When you have sound proofed garage the utilitarian value of the space goes up as you can use it as a party room, man cave or play room for the kids.  Moreover, the upgrade can add an additional room at a fraction of the expense.

What are you waiting for? Get rid of that old door and reap the value of a new one. Sure you need to spend a certain amount but the benefits you get far outweigh any short term cost on your behalf.

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Top Water Contaminants You Need to Be Aware Of

Water is essential to life. However, most of us take for granted this basic fact and continue to pollute our natural water drinking reservoirs.  Water contaminants continue to degrade water quality and affect our health with serious and sometimes fatal consequences.  Here are some of the top water contaminants you need to be aware of.


oil field wastewater treatmentAccording to oil field wastewater treatment specialists, arsenic is a classic example of a toxic heavy metal that is dangerous to our health. People that are exposed to toxic levels of this in contaminated drinking water are at a high risk of developing bladder and liver damage.  The chemical also harms both the central and peripheral nervous systems including the circulatory system as well and is linked to a variety of cancers.


It is a known fact that many communities on purpose add fluoride to their drinking water in order to promote dental health. The US EPA has set a drinking water standard for fluoride of 4 mg/L.  Those that have been exposed to higher levels are prone to getting bone problems.


Commonly found in old plumbing systems. Lead pipes and fittings have been banned since 1998. Children and pregnant women pose the greatest risk for lead poisoning that can cause developmental problems and mental retardation.


According to groundwater treatment system specialists, radionuclides radon gas can dissolve and collect in many underground water sources like wells. Drinking water that is contaminated with it can cause lung cancer.


Aside from chemical contaminants, bacterial toxins pose a great risk especially in developing countries where access to healthy and safe drinking water is not always consistent.  Here are some of the most common.

Coliform Bacteria

These are commonly present in the environment. The presence in drinking water is largely due to defects in the treatment system or loss of integrity of plumbing systems, which cause contamination that results in disease.


A parasite that invades rivers and lakes through animal waste and sewage. It has the ability to survive outside the host for a prolonged period of time, which makes it resistant to chlorine-based disinfectants. In its mild form it causes gastroenteritis but can be fatal to people that have suppressed immune functions.

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The Essential Role that Aggregate Plays in Concrete


As a general rule, aggregates are normally thought of as inert filler that is present inside a concrete mixture. However according to concrete delivery Minnesota experts, closer inspection reveals that it has a vital role as it can influence the properties of hardened and soft concrete.  For instance, changes in unit weight, level of moisture, maximum size and gradation can change the performance and character of your concrete mixture.


Another important reason for considering aggregate carefully is price.  You have the potential of being able to save a lot of money by simply opting for the maximum allowable aggregate size. According to ready mix concrete delivery Minneapolis MN experts; using larger coarse aggregate normally decreases the cost of a concrete mixture by also reducing the requirements for cement which for all intents and purposes is the most expensive component.  Reduced cement within reasonable limits of durability will translate to lesser water used if the ratio between cement and water is kept constant.  Reduced water content will also minimize the possibility of shrinking and cracking that is normally found with restrained volume change.

Usual Aggregate Proportions

Aggregates encompass approximately 60 to 80% of a regular concrete mixture. This is a good enough reason to select the correct ones that are not only durable but offers optimum efficiency when mixed. It needs to be properly controlled to offer consistent strength for the concrete, durability, finish ability and lastly workability.

Quality Matters

aggregateIf you are considering a concrete project, it is important that you select a producer that buys only excellent quality aggregate that has been verified by an aggregate test to comply with ASTM C 33 Standard Specifications for Concrete Aggregates.  Another indication of good performance would be the past track record of a local aggregate.   Essentially speaking, high quality aggregate needs to be strong, hard, and clean and provides durable particles. It also needs to be free from any contaminants such as chemicals, clay coatings. Avoid those that are friable and prone to splitting. Do not use those that have large amounts of soft and porous materials.

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Fast Facts about the Biphasic Defibrillator

Modern medicine has come with lifesaving devices that decrease mortality in patients suffering from acute cardiac conditions like arrhythmias and heart attacks.  An automatic external defibrillator is common in many ERs, doctor’s clinics and ambulances all across the US and the world.  This device is used primarily to bring an abnormal heart rhythm back to its normal state.  The term biphasic refers to the method by which the device transmits the electrical current to the affected heart.


According to Philips HeartStart AED packages experts, Dr. Claude Beck performed the very first successful case of human defibrillation back in 1947.  At the time, the process was performed directly to the heart during heart surgery. The early machines used alternating current until advances in technology allowed for the use of direct current. Developed in the waning years of the 1950s, direct current defibrillators utilized what is called a Lown waveform where the machines provided a uniphasic or one way current from one paddle to its partner.  This approach was considered standard for three decades until biphasic waveform was introduced.


biphasic defibrillatorBiphasic defibrillators utilize current that travels in a single direction from paddle to paddle and then back. The energy level that is delivered can be different over the course of the delivery, which is essentially a bit longer than the old uniphasic variants.  Biphasic defibrillators offer the advantage of using lesser energy to restore the heart to its normal rhythm, which reduces the risk of electrical burns as well as heart damage.

External Defibrillators

The use of biphasic defibrillators has provided a higher success rate for restoring heart rhythms, which led to its widespread use. It has now become the standard in AEDs or automatic external defibrillators for quite some time already. Its ability to use lesser energy means it the design can be small enough for it to be easily transportable in emergency vehicles.

Another example where biphasic defibrillation is used is in implantable cardioverter defibrillators or ICDs.  This device was developed as a treatment option for those that are at high risk for life-threatening cardiac events.

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Facts about Mechanical Farming

The term mechanical farming also known as mechanical agriculture is the most widely accepted form of plant and animal production in developed nations.  Many of today’s farming machines were developed at the turn of the 18th century like the seed drill.  Ever since then, agriculture in order to become more efficient has increasingly relied on machines. The greater demand for production also led to the development of more powerful and more efficient machines to satisfy the needs of consumers.

Machine Use

mechanical farmingAccording to buy used equipment MN providers, the term “mechanical agriculture” is a broad term that is applied loosely to all modern farms that use machines. Most of the work done in this setup is made possible with the use of tractors mostly and some human labor to a lesser extent. Compare this from agricultural practices prior to mechanical agriculture where hand tools and a lot of human labor were needed to get the work done.

Farming on a Grand Scale

With the ever-increasing human population, the demand for food has grown to epic proportions, which necessitate the development of, larger and more efficient farming machines for commercial purposes. The need for mechanical agriculture is no longer an option but a necessity.  For instance, a dairy farmer cannot produce enough milk by manually milking several cows by hand. He will require mechanized farming to feed, raise and milk somewhere between thirty and five thousand cows in order to keep up with demand.

As a result, machines have taken over work that was performed previously by farmers and laborers, which mean farm owners, do not require a lot of people to work on their farms.  According to agricultural equipment MN experts, as farms grew the number of people required to work in farms declined tremendously which resulted also in a significant increase of agricultural goods output and lowered prices for farm products.  This led to farms increasing in size so as to increase output enough to keep them competitive.

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