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How to Best Protect Acid Stained Floors

In many homes today, acid stained concrete floors have become all the rage because it offers homeowners with a means to create an aesthetically perfect looking floor that is low on maintenance and cost. Acid stains are composed of metallic salts, acid and water and come in a number of natural colors that can be reduced as well as mixed to create great works of art. Here are some ways by which you can best protect your acid stained floors.

acid stainingAccording to commercial concrete floor contractor Minnesota experts, the stain penetrates approximately 1/32 of an inch into the concrete itself and is only as strong as that of its surface. In a lot of scenarios, the surface of the concrete floor may be weaker than its weight because of the finish and curing methods applied.  Due to cost constraints contractors often seal and protect the floor by applying several coats of acrylic based sealer.  This approach very much places the burden on the homeowner to maintain the floor. However, lack of maintenance work may leave the surface scratched and worn up to the point that the stain is gone.

To prevent this problem, remove all the stain residuals. Once the surface is dry, run your hand over to confirm that it is clean. The residuals function as a bond breaker and can stop any sealer from correctly adhering.  It is important to ensure that the surface is thoroughly dry because excess moisture can white out the coating and can also prevent penetration resulting to de-lamination. Concrete sealing company Minnesota specialists recommend a two-coat application of urethane to produce the best results.  Ensure that you follow the re-coat times as instructed by the manufacturer. It is also important to note that a lack of adhesion may result from delaying too long or blistering if the reapplication is done earlier.  Some of the most popular types are solvent based due to their talent  of enhancing the color of the stains. To avoid the solvent odor common among these products, water based systems may be used.

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The Best Way to Know if Your Water is Safe To Drink

A lot of us take for granted the water that goes out of the tap. Little do we know that we have already been exposed to a lot of chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants that can have both a long and short-term adverse effect on our health. Here are some tips on how you can know whether or not your water is safe to drink.

According to whole home water filtration Peoria Arizona specialists, the water from most municipal systems in the country is generally safe because it complies with the standards set forth by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  However, it cannot be totally ruled out if the pipes that deliver the water to your home are contaminant free. Moreover, if your home is not supplied by a municipal drinking water system then most likely it comes from a deep well system.  If this is the case,  the system needs to be tested on a regular basis for possible contaminants.

Testing of Tap Water

You can request for a copy of annual water quality test reports if you are on a public or municipal water line in the US.  Simply call your local water supplier and request for a copy. Make sure to request for a test of the water coming from your own faucets in order to determine if there are any contaminants that are getting through between the time the water leaves the treatment facility until it goes out of your tap.   If they are unwilling to do so, then you can request for a private state certified water laboratory to do the testing for you. If you find this too cumbersome you can do the test yourself using a home test kit.

While the EPA asserts that more than ninety percent of the water in the US meets its water quality standards, it is still possible that several contaminants may find their way into the water supply. Some of the most noteworthy ones to avoid are arsenic, chlorine by-products, coliform bacteria and viruses as well as agricultural pesticides.

According to water filters Mesa AZ experts, concentrations more than 15 parts per billion of lead for instance is extremely harmful to children especially infants. This leads to delayed physical and mental development, kidney problems and neurological disorders.

Protect your kids from water contamination by having your water tested. To be extra sure that you are drinking safe water, install a water filtration system that can get rid of contaminants harmful to you and your loved ones health.

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Easy Makeover Tips to Make an Old Car Look Great Again

old car makeoverMany people own vintage or old cars. Some because it has tremendous sentimental value to them while others see it as a hobby. If you own an old car chances are it has seen varying degrees of wear and tear through the years.  While your car may be old it does not mean it needs to look shabby.  Here are some easy makeover tips to make your old car look great again.

Wheel Covers

According to auto salvage Victoria Minnesota specialists, most cars that are doomed for the scrapyard look like well scrap.  Most have busted wheel covers as this part bears the brunt of cold and hot temperatures.  Steering wheel covers tell a lot about the age of your car. A new wheel cover can make any car fun to drive once more and can make you comfortable sitting behind the wheel.

New Seat Covers

According to scrap car Rockford Minnesota experts, torn and faded seats are one of the hallmarks that a car will head to the scrapyard soon.  If you think that your car has several years of service still left, make it look the part by investing in some neat seat covers to hide the old upholstery.  Choose from a variety of style to fit your lifestyle or preference. Get a unique and distinctive one if you want your car to standout in the lot or stay minimalist with solid grays and blacks.

Change the Air

Old cars well smell old don’t you think? One of the ways that you know that you are in a new car is the smell of fresh leather.  Old cars tend to have a musty and nasty smell because of age and abuse. Change the air inside your car and make it smell like new again, there are air freshener fragrances out there available in a number of different variants. There is even one that gives out a smell similar to a new car.  Change the smell and you change the mindset of the folks riding in your classic sedan.

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Beginner’s Guide to Optimizing Your Slot Cars

One of the most exciting hobbies around, slot cars have taken the world by storm as they have allowed people from all ages to experience what its like to race a vehicle albeit in miniature form. In the past, analog slot cars dominated the scene but advances in technology have introduced digital slots that are run on Carrera 132digital slot car tracks.  If you want to get ahead of the competition read on below for our beginner’s guide to optimizing your slot cars.

Out of the Box

When you first take out your brand spanking new Carrera slot car set from their box, place a small drop of light plastic friendly oil on both the rear axle bushing as well as on each front axle hole. Place a little amount as well on each front shaft bushing as well.   If you bought a front-motor slot car that features a shaft passing to the rear axle, place a drop of oil in the drive shaft bushing located in front of the pinion gear. Oil is your friend as long as you do not over do it.  Over oiling can lead to damage to the motor bushings.


If you want to extend the life of your slot car tires what you can do to the slip-on silicone tires is to apply some liquid soap first. Doing so will markedly reduce wear and tear such as stretching. This can also minimize splitting and tearing that usually happens when the tire is stretched over and above its normal limit.  This approach can also be used for modders that prefer to use wheels that are bigger than the size of the rims.

Over time your tires will eventually fall off as the press-on plastic wheels become loose on the axles. If this occurs a quick fix would be to take out the wheel from its axle and determine for the presence of a crack around the axle hole. The presence of a crack is a game changer as there is no fix to this and a replacement must be ordered.  If there is no crack all you need to do is to clean the protruding end of the axle using either a tissue or a simple cotton swab to get rid of any debris and oil that may have accumulated.  You also can place a small drop of light oil on the axle busing but be careful not put any on the cleaned section of the axle.  Next step is to place some super glue on the end of the axle and then press the wheel back.

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The Process of Cleaning Groundwater Through Air Stripping

What is Air Stripping?

The process of air stripping involves the passage of moving air via contaminated ground or surface water located in an aboveground treatment setup.  It gets rid of nasty water-borne chemicals called VOCS or volatile organic compounds. These chemicals quickly evaporate which means they can change form from liquid to a gaseous state.  The air that goes through the dirty water encourages evaporation of these VOCs and once the water is treated, the chemical and air is collected and the n removed or allowed to vent outside if the levels are safe.

How is it Used?

The process of air stripping is possible via the use of a device known as an air stripper, which can either be fixed or mobile air strippers.  It utilizes what is called an aeration tank in order to force air through the contaminated water for the purpose of evaporating the volatile organic chemicals.  The most commonly used type is called the packed-column air stripper, which is essentially a tall tank that is filled with steel, ceramic or packing material and lastly pieces of plastic.


Once the contaminated water is pumped above ground and into the top portion of the tank it then trickles downward through the spaces in between the packing material, which forms a thin film of water that increases its exposure to the air that is blown in at the bottom. Next, a sieve-tray air stripper that features several trays and small openings accepts the water, which flows across its trays; a fan at the bottom then blows air upwards via the holes, which elevates the air exposure. Rising air and vapors collect at the top portion and treated. The treated water then goes to the bottom and is then tested to ensure it complies with regulations. The safe water is then pumped into an underground area or to a municipal treatment station.


The process is generally safe and the fact that mobile air stripping is possible means that the machine can be taken on-site to treat the contaminated water as opposed to collecting water for treatment at another facility. Moreover, the contaminated water is contained properly so there is a very small chance that people or animals may get into contact with it.

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The Beauty Behind a Concrete Retaining Wall

retaining wallA retaining wall offers lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. As the name suggest they retain in this case soil, which under normal circumstances would collapse into its natural shape. The other name for a retaining wall is called backfill.  Here is what you should know about them.

According to concrete delivery Saint Paul MN experts, retaining walls may be built using different materials and methods. The design and wall type selection is influenced by several factors, which include cost, needed wall height, speed of construction and lastly ground water conditions including the characteristics of the soil.


In most US states, the design of a retaining wall needs to be approximately four feet and needs to be designed by a certified engineer.  Moreover, it is essential to check and stick to local building codes before any construction begins, even if the wall in question is lesser than four feet.  According to cement Saint Paul Twin Cities MN experts, when it comes to design retaining walls should be looked as load bearing members and only as aesthetic groundscapes second.  Anyone looking to design a concrete retaining wall must have adequate knowledge of lateral earth pressures to determine stability.  They need to consider wall overturning, soil bearing capacity failures and base sliding factors. Once the wall is sized, each wall member needs to be checked for proper strength and steel reinforcement.


For people looking to have a concrete retaining wall constructed, the basic one will set you back around thirty to forty dollars per square foot and the cost goes up if you want to add embellishments like steps, lighting, decorative finish, lighting and other upgrades.

Major Factors that influence cost are:

Height –  The taller the wall, the more concrete it will require which will lead to higher material costs.

Reinforcement – additional reinforcements like earthquake protection will also add to the cost.

Curves – the addition of curves will make the framework more complex and lead to higher labor and material costs

Decorative Finish – Adding texture and color will improve the appearance of an otherwise drab wall but will increase cost in labor and materials.

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What You Need to know if You are Experiencing a Mild Heart Attack

In the United States, heart diseases is considered the number three killer as more and more Americans become obese and sedentary this number is sure to go up.  Regardless if it is mild or severe,  a heart attack requires immediate medical intervention.  Here is what you should look out for when it comes to symptoms of a mild cardiac episode.

General Symptoms

According to Philips HeartStart Defibrillators providers, the signs and symptoms of an acute cardiac condition vary from patient to patient but most often present as pressure or pain in the left side of the chest that radiates to the left shoulder.  This is accompanied by cold and clammy perspiration, shortness of breath, anxiety and even nausea.  The chest pain associated with heart attacks range from a pinching sensation to a tight feeling, pressure that lasts for a few minutes and can be intermittent.   Sometimes the pain is similar to heartburn and should be distinguished properly as a patient’s life could be in danger.


Aside from the history and physical examination of the patient, diagnosing a heart attack requires the performance of several laboratory tests. An EKG is taken in order to quickly show emergency staff if there is an on-going, old or recent cardiac condition that has occurred.  The EKG tracing is able to show anomalies in the electrical impulses of the heart.  Your physician will also order a blood examination to determine the presence of any cardiac markers that can confirm the occurrence of a heart attack.


The treatment of a heart attack depends on the severity of the condition and is focused on the restoration of blood flow to the heart. If the heart is manifesting abnormal electrical impulses which is manifested as either fibrillation or arrhythmia, emergency responders will use Philips Defibrillators for instance to restore it back to its normal beat.

Preventing Acute Myocardial Infarction

A healthy lifestyle that shows a good balance of diet and exercise is a must in preventing the development of acute coronary disease that can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Staying active, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, avoiding stress, quitting tobacco and having an annual physical examination to determine risk is necessary to ensuring the risks are controlled.

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Essential Ways to Live a Healthier Lifestyle

We all live hectic and stressful lives. Sometimes the demands of modern living can take a toll on our bodies that it leaves us wanting to just get away from it all.  If you are one of the millions of Americans living life on the edge, here are some helpful tips that you can use to have a more relaxing and healthier lifestyle.

Small Steps

healthy lifestyleAccording to angina sound therapy experts, the most effective means of achieving wellness goals is not to have immediate drastic changes that won’t work but to have a collection of small ones will.  Many Americans want to try the “quitting cold turkey” approach but go back to their old habits after awhile because they have unrealistic goals.  The key is to begin small but effective changes in your life that normally you would not notice but in the long run will have beneficial effects to your health and well-being.


Begin your day with a basic meditation ritual.  You do not have to be like a Zen monk to achieve calm and purity of heart and mind but as you repeat the process each day you are able to set the tone for your day, clear your mind and prepare for what lies ahead.

Stay Away from the Sugar

Millions of Americans eat so much sugar without realizing it.  This is because an insane amount is hidden in many of the junk food and other meals that are available each day.  Start reading the labels and stay away from sweets to get back control of your blood sugar levels.

Eat More Brown Rice

Brown rice has all the healthy whole grains that your body requires.  It is so easy to make that one can do it in a few minutes with the help of a microwave oven.

Use Calming Sounds

According to circulation sound therapy experts, the body’s internal rhythms jibe with external music rhythms.  A classic example is the calming effect of ocean sounds that make you breathe slower and keeps your heart rate in check. The soothing sounds act like a natural pacemaker telling your system to slow down and relax.

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Get Creative with Old Business Cards

We all know that business cards tend to be on the more formal side due to the nature of their purpose.  However, who says you only need to use them for commercial or business purposes? According to crafting retreats Saint Cloud Minnesota specialists, the cards can be used to create unique craft projects. Some business card craft ideas include scrapbook projects, framing projects and even miniature buildings.

Framed Cards

old business cardsOne creative project you can do with old business cards is to frame them. If you discover an old business card from the start of a family member’s job or career you can make a memento out of it.  Old business cards when framed properly will make a nice gift.  You can frame the business card simply by gluing, taping or using adhesive to a back piece like construction paper and cardboard.  Embellish it with some decorative items in the background like paperclips and buttons.


According to scrapbooking retreat Minnesota specialists, old business cards may be used to create unique additions to family scrapbooks.  A personal scrapbook may feature business cards from important milestones like your first job, first promotion etc.  A nice scrapbook idea would be to save business cards from personal trips or family vacations. For example, an image of a fabulous meal you had in a restaurant can be placed next to a restaurant business card.

Miniature Buildings

If you find it exciting to build miniature houses one project you can do is to use business cards to create a miniature edifice. Collect all the business cards from college to create a miniature university. Glue them to one another in two by two to make it thicker and then align the pieces using tape.  Alternatively, you can also secure the cards by gluing all the doubled pieces onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Connect the walls together by making notches with scissors fitting the walls and roof as one like a jigsaw puzzle. The entire process takes a bit of practice to perfect so try doing it with some cardboard pieces first.

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Establishing Builder Marketing Success

We all know that the housing market is in recovery phase. Chances are lots of people are looking to shop for new homes or remodel existing ones.  The entry of social media marketing made the market more competitive as customers now spend more time scrutinizing their searches before making a decision.  As a builder/remodeler you can take advantage of the latest strategies that can easily establish builder-marketing success for your business.  Here is how.

Update Your Website

In the past, all you needed was to post as much information as you can in the hopes that you are able to answer all your customer inquiries without them having to go to another site (your competition to get information) Today, that no longer holds true. According to homebuilder marketing experts, you should not place everything on your site because it will allow them to make a decision without at you getting a chance to talk to them.  Hold some pertinent information back like pricing and tinker around with different calls to action for the purpose of getting lead information such as email addresses and other contact information that your sales team can follow-up on.

Use Cookies To Your Advantage

By cookies we are not referring to grandma’s crunchy delights.  Cookies in the online marketing aspect are essentially trackers that tell you the next sites your customers will visit. This will give you vital information on where to place online ads.


Contractor marketing automation experts recommend integrating a form on your site if you have not yet done so. The form will collect information or feedback from customers on what they are searching for in a new home. For example, their preference on how many beds and baths or if they prefer an island style kitchen or a functional basement? Once you get the info, begin emailing floor plans that adhere to their preference.

Establish Effective Branding

custom built modern homeBased on a recent study of new homebuyers, about 50% of customers that bought a new home could not remember who their builder was after 5 years. However, they do remember whether or not the builder drove a car or a truck and what brand it was. This means that there is a need for builders to look at other industries for sterling examples on how to stay in the radar of customers so as to maintain a more effective brand rep.

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