sick dogThere are few things that are more disgusting than cleaning dog vomit off your floor.  According to dog kennel Buffalo experts, the most common causes of dog vomiting range from simple motion sickness, anxiety or simply food that did not agree with him.  Other times, if the vomiting is chronic, the dog may have a serious medical condition that require a visit to the vet and some tests.  Here are some of the causes of dog vomiting explained.

Motion Sickness

Like humans, there are some dogs that are prone to getting motion sickness and will often vomit during or after car rides.  The best means of preventing this condition is to get your dog used to car rides when she is still a pup.  Do not feed your dog right before a car trip and open the window so she can have clean, fresh air.  It also helps that your dog is hydrated before she goes for a ride.

Upset Stomach

Most often, dogs do not practice good choices when it comes to the food they eat.  Road kill, garbage, dirt and even their own feces might look like a good snack to them.  All of these can upset their stomach and make them sick to the point that they will need to clear the offending items.  If it is merely something they ate, the vomiting should cease within 24 hours. If it persists beyond that and is now accompanied by a foul smell or something bloody, bring him to the vet immediately.

Bowel Obstruction

There may be times that your pet may eat something that she cannot pass from her stomach into her intestines like a rock or a small plastic toy. The resulting obstruction will result to vomiting and vet intervention is mostly a necessity.  An endoscope may be used to assess the degree and location of the obstruction as well as to determine if surgery is warranted.

Dog Anxiety

Dogs also act out their fears via vomiting if they feel anxious.  If you are going to leave your dog at a kennel, dog boarding Monticello MN experts recommend that you give them time to get used to the facility at least 24 hours before you board them. Bring along something that reminds them of home such as a favorite toy, their own food and an item of yours that they are familiar with.


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