Most kitchen cabinets found in popular home improvement centers are mass-produced and usually made out of low quality material and workmanship. According to custom cabinetmaker Rogers Minnesota specialists, if you want to get something that is built to last go only for customized kitchen cabinets. Here are some things to consider.

Have a Plan

As in all things you need to have a plan. Designing and building cabinets usually takes a lot of time and effort. If we are working on furnishing an empty room then all you need to do is go directly to design but most if not all of us will need to work on a kitchen already filled with existing cabinets. Therefore, it is essential to take all measurements available and to have a quick draw diagram of how the room will look.

Measurement Guide

As a quick measurement guide base cabinets are generally 24” deep and about 36” tall.   Wall cabinets are usually 12” deep and 30-42” tall. According to cabinetmaker Medina Minnesota specialists, when positioning wall cabinets above base cabinets, the minimum distance between the top of the countertop on the base cabinet and the bottom of the wall cabinet should be 18”. If you are considering to include a kitchen island too, keep at least 36-38 inches of open space between the kitchen island and the base cabinet itself.

Custom kitchen cabinet design allows you to pay close attention to a lot of details that are usually neglected with store bought cabinets. For instance, custom cabinet design can allow you to butt them against the wall in order to prevent filler strips. You can also design cabinet fronts to feature only a single stile as opposed to having a double wide stile that is usually found from screwing together two stock cabinets.


Custom cabinet design allows you the freedom to select choice materials for your creation. You can opt for solid wood construction or simply select from much more common wood types. It really depends on your budget and preferences. It is recommended that you construct the cabinet frame, doors, and drawer fronts using solid wood.

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