As any builder will tell you, concrete is one of the most popular construction materials around due to its innate strength and moderate cost of application. However, due to its porous nature, overtime it will develop cracks and pits if no concrete sealer is applied. According to ready mix concrete delivery Minneapolis MN, instead of replacing broken concrete it can simply be resurfaced by applying a new smooth surface over the previous one. Here is a DIY tutorial on concrete resurfacing.


pressure washerThe first step is to get rid of all surface debris on the damaged concrete floor using a pressure washer. If there are sections that have cumbersome grease stains, using a commercial degreasing product can help remove it.

Concrete Resurfacing

Once done, concrete Twin cities MN recommend that you begin to mix a batch of concrete resurfacing product with water in a mixing bucket. Ideally, the batch needs to be as thick as peanut butter. Using a trowel, fill in any holes or cracks with the product. Simply feather the edges of the product into the damaged concrete as best you can. Try not to worry too much about how to do it, as the patches will be covered along with the rest of the concrete. Once done, allow the patches to dry according to manufacturer recommendations.

Outdoor Projects

If you are working on an outdoor concrete resurfacing project such as repairing a patio, press horizontal lumber pieces into the ground around the concrete, as it will prevent the resurfacing product from spilling past the edges and onto your yard.

Mix a large batch of resurfacing product and water using a 5-gallon bucket, following the mixing ratio provided. Pour the resurfacing product onto the concrete and spread it evenly. Use a tarp over the work area until dry in order to hold in moisture, which slows the drying process and strengthens the end product.

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