dog boarding 1Dog kennels are places where you can take your pet whenever you need to be out of town on business or vacation. Dog boarding is a better solution as opposed to merely leaving your pet with a neighbor or worse, home alone. Dog boarding kennels can provide not just for the basic needs of your pet but also even their social requirements as well. Not all dog-boarding facilities are the same and hence here are some tips on what to avoid when looking for one.

No Immunization History

It is standard for reputable dog boarding facilities to look for the immunization history of your pet. The reason for this is simple: To avoid infection with potential carriers of disease. The simple fact that your pet will be spending a lot of time closely with other dogs, the higher the possibility of getting a potential life threatening communicable disease like parvo distemper or Bordetella also known as “kennel cough”. Good dog kennel facilities make it a requirement for pet owners to present proof that their pets have updated vaccinations prior to check-in.

Cheap Does Not Necessarily Mean Saving Money

Pet owners that are looking for cheap dog boarding facilities may get what they pay for. Cheap facilities do not guarantee that your pet stays healthy and stress free as there may be some overcrowding and poor hygiene due to substandard facilities. So if you love your pet, look for a facility that is appropriately priced so you can rest assured that your pet is in good hands.

Tours are not allowed

While reputable dog boarding facilities may not allow you to look inside their premises personally for health and security reasons, they should at least provide you with a virtual tour of the facility so that you are informed of the nature of their facilities. This can be done via a virtual tour online or through CCTV monitoring in the reception area of the facility.