We all know that the housing market is in recovery phase. Chances are lots of people are looking to shop for new homes or remodel existing ones.  The entry of social media marketing made the market more competitive as customers now spend more time scrutinizing their searches before making a decision.  As a builder/remodeler you can take advantage of the latest strategies that can easily establish builder-marketing success for your business.  Here is how.

Update Your Website

In the past, all you needed was to post as much information as you can in the hopes that you are able to answer all your customer inquiries without them having to go to another site (your competition to get information) Today, that no longer holds true. According to homebuilder marketing experts, you should not place everything on your site because it will allow them to make a decision without at you getting a chance to talk to them.  Hold some pertinent information back like pricing and tinker around with different calls to action for the purpose of getting lead information such as email addresses and other contact information that your sales team can follow-up on.

Use Cookies To Your Advantage

By cookies we are not referring to grandma’s crunchy delights.  Cookies in the online marketing aspect are essentially trackers that tell you the next sites your customers will visit. This will give you vital information on where to place online ads.


Contractor marketing automation experts recommend integrating a form on your site if you have not yet done so. The form will collect information or feedback from customers on what they are searching for in a new home. For example, their preference on how many beds and baths or if they prefer an island style kitchen or a functional basement? Once you get the info, begin emailing floor plans that adhere to their preference.

Establish Effective Branding

custom built modern homeBased on a recent study of new homebuyers, about 50% of customers that bought a new home could not remember who their builder was after 5 years. However, they do remember whether or not the builder drove a car or a truck and what brand it was. This means that there is a need for builders to look at other industries for sterling examples on how to stay in the radar of customers so as to maintain a more effective brand rep.

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