We all know that business cards tend to be on the more formal side due to the nature of their purpose.  However, who says you only need to use them for commercial or business purposes? According to crafting retreats Saint Cloud Minnesota specialists, the cards can be used to create unique craft projects. Some business card craft ideas include scrapbook projects, framing projects and even miniature buildings.

Framed Cards

old business cardsOne creative project you can do with old business cards is to frame them. If you discover an old business card from the start of a family member’s job or career you can make a memento out of it.  Old business cards when framed properly will make a nice gift.  You can frame the business card simply by gluing, taping or using adhesive to a back piece like construction paper and cardboard.  Embellish it with some decorative items in the background like paperclips and buttons.


According to scrapbooking retreat Minnesota specialists, old business cards may be used to create unique additions to family scrapbooks.  A personal scrapbook may feature business cards from important milestones like your first job, first promotion etc.  A nice scrapbook idea would be to save business cards from personal trips or family vacations. For example, an image of a fabulous meal you had in a restaurant can be placed next to a restaurant business card.

Miniature Buildings

If you find it exciting to build miniature houses one project you can do is to use business cards to create a miniature edifice. Collect all the business cards from college to create a miniature university. Glue them to one another in two by two to make it thicker and then align the pieces using tape.  Alternatively, you can also secure the cards by gluing all the doubled pieces onto a piece of paper or cardboard. Connect the walls together by making notches with scissors fitting the walls and roof as one like a jigsaw puzzle. The entire process takes a bit of practice to perfect so try doing it with some cardboard pieces first.

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