If you have a large yard then it is highly likely that you’ve invested in a lawn mower or mowers to ensure that the grass is cut properly.  Lawn mowers as we all know are quite expensive and are used almost every day so it is important that owners know how to take care of them if they want these machines to last.  It does not matter whether you have a simple push mower or a wide area mower all of them will require regular maintenance.  Here is a guide on how to take care of them properly.

According to equipment parts and service MN specialists, the average life span of a mower ranges from seven to ten years. Consumers spend on average about $300 for a walk behind mower and about a thousand dollars or more for the more sophisticated ones. Regular maintenance is the key to ensure that these machines function as they should for a very long time.

According to mower conditioners MN experts, the best time to perform regular maintenance is during the start of the mowing season.  To do so you need to first disconnect the spark plug, battery and then remove the key from the ignition. Remove the mower blades and sharpen them. It is recommended to replace the blades after three or four years.

After blade removal, clean the undercarriage. Scrape stuck up grass and dirt from the deck bottom using a putty knife. Sweep loosened bits of debris from the undercarriage using a broom. Spray the deck bottom, top and hood using a garden hose and then wipe the hood and top mower deck using a clean rag and remove old grass and dirt.

It is recommended that the oil be replaced after every 50 hours of use and the spark plugs after 100 hours.  Store the mower in the garage or shed. If you do not have either, cover it with tarp in order to prevent rainwater from rusting the moving parts.

Check the belts and replace if they are worn or damaged. Check also the air filter as well. Use an air compressor to blow out air if the filter is still in good condition.

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