Rustic Fireplace Design IdeasOne of the best focal points any room can have is the fireplace.  Homes that feature a rustic interior design should integrate the natural elements of this particular item.  Moreover, the materials as well as the finish selected for the fireplace should create a natural and rustic appearance overall.


Fireplace Mantel Blaine MN experts recommend natural wood for the fireplace mantel as this material is perfect for giving the room a rustic and cozy appearance.  The wood may be stained with a natural hue in order to preserve its beauty.  Dark wood mantels with cherry red finishes are warm and luxurious options to consider.  Moreover, hand-carved wood mantels also give the fireplace a homemade look that integrates well with the rustic interior design. The fireplace surround includes the sides of the fireplace along with the mantel.  Select a hand carved wood surround in order to create that perfect natural look in the room.  For log cabin homes, a log mantel is the ideal choice to integrate that warm and inviting rustic look.

Another option would be to use natural stone such as marble can give any room a contemporary or traditional look.  It is important to note that stone mantels need to maintain a rough look to coincide with the rustic design.

Fronts and Hearth

Stone fireplace fronts feature a natural appealing look that can work well with either a stone or wooden mantel.  Select stones of different sizes can provide the rustic fireplace with that quintessential hand-built look.


According to cabinetmaker Edina Minnesota professionals, the accessories you select for the mantel and hearth can add to the overall rustic appearance of your fireplace. A nice wooden custom cabinet for storage is very typical of this style.  Add wood frames for family photos, wrought iron tools and wood holders along with artwork that feature natural scenes to complete the look.

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