A lot of us take for granted the water that goes out of the tap. Little do we know that we have already been exposed to a lot of chemicals, bacteria and other contaminants that can have both a long and short-term adverse effect on our health. Here are some tips on how you can know whether or not your water is safe to drink.

According to whole home water filtration Peoria Arizona specialists, the water from most municipal systems in the country is generally safe because it complies with the standards set forth by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.  However, it cannot be totally ruled out if the pipes that deliver the water to your home are contaminant free. Moreover, if your home is not supplied by a municipal drinking water system then most likely it comes from a deep well system.  If this is the case,  the system needs to be tested on a regular basis for possible contaminants.

Testing of Tap Water

You can request for a copy of annual water quality test reports if you are on a public or municipal water line in the US.  Simply call your local water supplier and request for a copy. Make sure to request for a test of the water coming from your own faucets in order to determine if there are any contaminants that are getting through between the time the water leaves the treatment facility until it goes out of your tap.   If they are unwilling to do so, then you can request for a private state certified water laboratory to do the testing for you. If you find this too cumbersome you can do the test yourself using a home test kit.

While the EPA asserts that more than ninety percent of the water in the US meets its water quality standards, it is still possible that several contaminants may find their way into the water supply. Some of the most noteworthy ones to avoid are arsenic, chlorine by-products, coliform bacteria and viruses as well as agricultural pesticides.

According to water filters Mesa AZ experts, concentrations more than 15 parts per billion of lead for instance is extremely harmful to children especially infants. This leads to delayed physical and mental development, kidney problems and neurological disorders.

Protect your kids from water contamination by having your water tested. To be extra sure that you are drinking safe water, install a water filtration system that can get rid of contaminants harmful to you and your loved ones health.

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