The most important farm equipment without a doubt is the tractor. According to buy used equipment MN specialists, no other piece of agricultural or farm machinery is as versatile in terms of handling a variety of chores and projects.  Aside from the tractor itself, most other farm equipment is considered industry specific.

The Tractor

farm equipmentTractors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and options. Farmers need to obtain the size tractor they need for the routine jobs they need to handle. For instance, crop and livestock farms benefit from a utility tractor that features a PTO drive and a front end loader.  Such a kind of setup allows for the use of pull behind attachments like mowing decks, harrows including front end attachments like hay forks and buckets.  Bigger operations and industrial farms benefit from larger tractors that have comparable setups using bigger attachments for larger acreage.

Field Management Attachments

Whether it be for pure farming purposes or for raising livestock, farming requires managing fields.  Tractor attachments like disc harrows and root rakes help farmers turn over fields for new planting or to prep lands for grazing livestock. According to equipment parts and service MN specialists, mowing decks in different sizes and configurations allow farmers to trim underbrush around planted fields or cut hay in preparation for winter storage.  Each of these field management attachments runs as a pull-behind connected to the tractor’s PTO, using the tractor engine as the power generator.

Road Maintenance Attachments

Just as all farmers must manage fields, so too must farmers need to maintain the roads within the boundaries of the farm.  Vehicular traffic and rain can take its toll on dirt roads, with one heavy night of rain capable of destroying smaller dirt paths.  Pull behind tractor attachments like box blades allow farmers to resurface dirt roads on a regular basis.  Buckets on the front of the tractor allow for deeper road cutting so as to repair drainage ditches and other roadway necessities.

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