When it comes to getting a list of prospective customers, the first step is generating solid homebuilder leads.  This does not necessarily mean that you will get business from all of them and unless you have the manpower and resources to chase down each and every single lead, your conversion rate would be likely low to nothing.  According to remodeler sales training experts, very few customers are likely to come to you by themselves, without any assistance.  If you are a renovation specialist with very few admin staff, the best method is to automate your marketing.

Marketing Automation

According to remodeler sales conversion specialists, marketing automation is not simply a process by which you send a ton of emails to prospects each month.  While it is a good means of driving traffic to your website and get people more interested about your services, it can potentially do more than just that.  Through the development of software that is specifically targeted for managing relationships, you can maintain regular communications with your prospective clients, send special offers and promotions and monitor what they are interested in and what they are simply ignoring.

Why Marketing Automation Works:

  • It allows you to generate reports that can assist you in analyzing which marketing efforts are delivering the best results in terms of new business.
  • It frees you up so that you are able to focus on warmer leads while you develop cooler ones via email.
  • Track the activity of your prospects so that you know who to follow up with and when to do so.
  • Score leads according to different criteria so that you know which one to follow up.
  • Gives you the ability to collect information from possible clients via landing pages and online forms
  • Integrate email marketing and website lead generation efforts



Implement a Program

There are several ways by which you can setup a marketing automation program in order to deliver homebuilding leads for your company.  There are CRM software available such as Salesforce or HubSpot, but this will require some training in order to implement.  There are also some free programs out there such as Sales AutoPilot and leadsius.

If you want to learn more about marketing automation and how to do it quickly and effectively log on to New Home Sales Coach.