Month: June 2015

What You Need to Know about Hot Water Recirculation Systems

hot water recirculationA Phoenix hot water recirculation system is typically a plumbing system that moves hot water to fixtures fast without waiting for the water to turn hot. As opposed to simply relying on low water pressure which is common in many water lines, recirculating systems move water from a water heater to the faucets. Here are some important facts you need to know regarding hot water recirculation systems.
Dedicated Loop System
In this version, the system is mounted on a pipe that is connected to a water heater tank down low. This is the cooler side of the loop or simply the return. According to hot water recirculation Grundfos specialists, the hot water pipe is installed via a loop throughout the home, passing near each plumbing fixture. At each fixture there is a short pipe that connects the loop to the hot water valve. The fact that hot water is constantly circulating through the hot water loop, anytime a valve is opened, it only requires a fraction of a second for hot water to be able to reach the valve. This actually extends the lifespan of the pump and if the home is currently not occupied, it will most probably be left unplugged.
Integrated Loop System
This type typically used on retrofits but may also be used for new home construction. It consists of a pump that is installed under the plumbing fixture farthest from the water heater. The pump contains a sensor which switches the pump on when water temperature goes below 85 degrees Fahrenheit and then switches it off when the water temperature goes up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In this system, hot water is re-circulated on an intermittent basis. Cold water pipes is used to return hot water to the water heater. This raises the temperature of the cold water slightly but it returns to the normal temperature in a short period of time.
It does not matter whether they are automatic or manually controlled, recirculation systems does a good job of reducing the amount of water that is wasted while the homeowner waits for the correct temperature for usage.
Recirculation systems are able to:
• Save time as they deliver hot water quite quickly to faucets providing utmost convenience
• Conserve water as they provide lesser water wastage while waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature
• They reduce municipal energy waste
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How to Choose a Commercial Concrete Floor Contractor

If you are considering doing some construction upgrades to your property particularly if it involves the mixing and installation of concrete products then you need to be particularly careful that you hire the right commercial concrete floor contractor Minnesota expert to ensure that the job is up to par with current standards and the beauty and integrity of your home is not compromised. Concrete is one of the most durable construction materials around. However, it requires a skilled hand and proper training in order to lay it properly. Picking the wrong contractor may result in costly delays in order to repair the botched job and cost you a lot of money. Here are some advice on how to pick and what to avoid.

Never Select Solely on the Basis of Price

Never pick a retail concrete floor contractor MN specialist solely on the basis on how cheap he charges. The saying “you get what you pay for rings very true when it comes to concrete contractors. Look beyond the price range and go deeper by examining their portfolio rather than thinking of your bottom line. You may be able to save a few extra dollars because you were able to negotiate a price. However, at what cost?

Verify their Insurance Status

You need to protect yourself from undue liabilities so it is only natural that you should check the contractor’s insurance prior to allowing them to work on your home. The coverage should include injury to person as well as potential damage to property. In this way you are not left footing the bill should something go terribly awry.

Request a Quote from 2 or 3 Contractors

Do not immediately pick the first one that provided you with a reasonable offer. It is always wise to look around and compare quotes from different contractors. Examine the contract they will offer you. Make sure that there is a start and an end date. Go online and get feedback from other clients that have tried their services. Be careful of contractors that have only perfect reviews as this may be manufactured ones designed to reel in more customers. It is unwise to rely on their own website for feedback alone. Get reviews from independent sites to determine the veracity of their claims.

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Tips for Setting up a Community Outreach Food Pantry

church food pantryEstablishing a community food pantry for your church may seem such a complicated task but with the right tools and a lot of persistence on your part it can be done.  Since you will need the support of a lot of volunteers and local businesses, you will have to find ways to raise food donations and funding for your project.  Aside from church outreach products that promote your food pantry drive, you will need to get very organized in the way you campaign for funding and support.


The first step is to ensure that there is really a need for an outreach food pantry in your community.  Look and investigate the existing ones and see if there are areas that they do not serve. Find out the limits of their services and determine if the amount of food they serve is sufficient to people needing it. By knowing the logistics and need for such a pantry, the easier it is for you to convince others to pitch in.

Find Community Partners

One of the best ways to enlist the help of community partners is to distribute church leaflets that outline your plan and the need for a food pantry in your community.  Develop a simple but persuasive presentation about your vision and present this via mail or flyer.  Get local schools involved by speaking at their PTA meetings and get the students involved by starting a food drive or collect change from the school cafeteria.  Arrange to speak with different civic groups such as Jaycees, Lions and Kiwanis so you can get their support. To get assistance for start-up cost, talk to a local community foundation and get some financial aid for the project.  They may contribute some logistical items like refrigerators, freezers, shelving and other necessary equipment.

Get Volunteers

Nothing is stronger than the heart of a volunteer.  Begin with your church members and their families but do not limit yourself to your group.  Enlist also the help of other churches so as to maximize people that can help with the drive.  Two volunteers per session is usually adequate. For each day that you operate, you may need at least 8 to 10 volunteers who each contribute a day per month of their time.

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Causes of Vomiting in Dogs Explained

sick dogThere are few things that are more disgusting than cleaning dog vomit off your floor.  According to dog kennel Buffalo experts, the most common causes of dog vomiting range from simple motion sickness, anxiety or simply food that did not agree with him.  Other times, if the vomiting is chronic, the dog may have a serious medical condition that require a visit to the vet and some tests.  Here are some of the causes of dog vomiting explained.

Motion Sickness

Like humans, there are some dogs that are prone to getting motion sickness and will often vomit during or after car rides.  The best means of preventing this condition is to get your dog used to car rides when she is still a pup.  Do not feed your dog right before a car trip and open the window so she can have clean, fresh air.  It also helps that your dog is hydrated before she goes for a ride.

Upset Stomach

Most often, dogs do not practice good choices when it comes to the food they eat.  Road kill, garbage, dirt and even their own feces might look like a good snack to them.  All of these can upset their stomach and make them sick to the point that they will need to clear the offending items.  If it is merely something they ate, the vomiting should cease within 24 hours. If it persists beyond that and is now accompanied by a foul smell or something bloody, bring him to the vet immediately.

Bowel Obstruction

There may be times that your pet may eat something that she cannot pass from her stomach into her intestines like a rock or a small plastic toy. The resulting obstruction will result to vomiting and vet intervention is mostly a necessity.  An endoscope may be used to assess the degree and location of the obstruction as well as to determine if surgery is warranted.

Dog Anxiety

Dogs also act out their fears via vomiting if they feel anxious.  If you are going to leave your dog at a kennel, dog boarding Monticello MN experts recommend that you give them time to get used to the facility at least 24 hours before you board them. Bring along something that reminds them of home such as a favorite toy, their own food and an item of yours that they are familiar with.


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