Month: January 2016

Lawn Mower Maintenance Guide for Dummies

If you have a large yard then it is highly likely that you’ve invested in a lawn mower or mowers to ensure that the grass is cut properly.  Lawn mowers as we all know are quite expensive and are used almost every day so it is important that owners know how to take care of them if they want these machines to last.  It does not matter whether you have a simple push mower or a wide area mower all of them will require regular maintenance.  Here is a guide on how to take care of them properly.

According to equipment parts and service MN specialists, the average life span of a mower ranges from seven to ten years. Consumers spend on average about $300 for a walk behind mower and about a thousand dollars or more for the more sophisticated ones. Regular maintenance is the key to ensure that these machines function as they should for a very long time.

According to mower conditioners MN experts, the best time to perform regular maintenance is during the start of the mowing season.  To do so you need to first disconnect the spark plug, battery and then remove the key from the ignition. Remove the mower blades and sharpen them. It is recommended to replace the blades after three or four years.

After blade removal, clean the undercarriage. Scrape stuck up grass and dirt from the deck bottom using a putty knife. Sweep loosened bits of debris from the undercarriage using a broom. Spray the deck bottom, top and hood using a garden hose and then wipe the hood and top mower deck using a clean rag and remove old grass and dirt.

It is recommended that the oil be replaced after every 50 hours of use and the spark plugs after 100 hours.  Store the mower in the garage or shed. If you do not have either, cover it with tarp in order to prevent rainwater from rusting the moving parts.

Check the belts and replace if they are worn or damaged. Check also the air filter as well. Use an air compressor to blow out air if the filter is still in good condition.

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Understanding the Consequences of Bathroom Flooding

Bathroom flooding is a common occurrence because there is a multitude of plumbing fixtures that may be a source of water spilling out into the floor. According to Minneapolis MN bathroom damage specialists, if you cannot prevent flooding in your bathroom, you need to understand the possible damage to your house as well as the ceiling below the bathroom.

Stopping the Flooding

When there is flooding in your bathroom, the first thing that you need to address is stopping the source of the flooding.  Focusing on simply sopping the water on the floor will just allow the problem to grow.  You need to first close the overflowing plumbing fixture’s water supply valves, assuming that you know where they are located. Alternatively, close the main water valve for the house.

Ceiling Damage and Repair

Drywall will become wet to a point and then you may notice a stain on the ceiling itself after the drywall has dried out.  The quick solution is to paint over the stain in order to restore the look of the ceiling. If the drywall is damaged or if mold begins to creep in, simply remove the damaged portion and then patch the hole in the ceiling.  If the hole is big enough and the patch does not stay in place, install a backing board on the other side of the ceiling in order for the patch to have a surface to cling on.

Damage to Subfloor

Water may surely have soaked a portion of the sub floor if the ceiling got wet.  If the floor joists warp and weaken from the water or if mold begins to develop from the water exposure, the floor may fail and fall into the room below.  Repairing sub floor damage involves tearing up the floor and is surely a complicated and expensive process.

Flood Prevention

According to Minneapolis MN bathroom repair specialists the best way to address bathroom flooding is to ensure that there is no potential sources that may cause it in the first place. Many homeowners take for granted overflow drain in their sinks or bathtub until the sink or tub is almost to overflow status.  The drain may clog up with debris over time and requires clearing.  You can pour bleach down the overflow drains from time to time in order to break up clogs within.

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Guide to Choosing a Garage Door for your Home

With the advent of steel and vinyl, conventional wooden garage doors are now becoming scarce.  For many consumers, it can be a tad challenging picking a garage door that will best suit their home and their needs.  According to garage door spring repair Guthrie Center specialists, both materials have their own distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Buyers are often faced with having to consider their selections based on expense, quality and ease of maintenance.


When compared to steel, vinyl garage doors are definitely more expensive than steel if you consider the upfront costs like maintenance and warranties.  However, between the two, vinyl is the one that is more cost effective.  A lot of vinyl doors come with a lifetime warranty while steel doors are covered for only ten or twenty years as the average.


According to garage door Adel IA providers, one of the main advantages of vinyl garage doors is the simple fact that it is resistant to any dents. Steel as we all know can be prone to dings and dents when they are hit by a blunt or sharp object.  If you pride yourself with a pristine steel door appearance and you have kids in the house, chances are there will be dings and dents sooner than later. The only issue with vinyl is that in very cold climates it does tend to be prone to cracks while steel may simply get dented under the same extreme condition.


The primary difference between a vinyl and steel garage door is appearance. Steel doors can be embossed in such a way that they may resemble wood or can be pressed together in order to form panels as well as other designs.  Vinyl that has been embossed with wood grain does not look nearly as good as steel if you consider the cheaper models.  If you are looking for a smooth or panel design, vinyl may still be the most convenient choice as it offers rust resistant capabilities as well as a UV finish so that the color will not fade easily.

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