Month: May 2016

Health Technologies that are changing the Way We Live

Health technology is the application of scientific knowledge and skills into devices, medicines, vaccines and systems for the purpose of improving health and the overall quality of lives.  From “smart” pill bottles to undergarments that are able to detect infections in the body.

“Smart” Pill Bottles

For people that need to take medicine regularly, taking it at the right tie on the right day may mean the difference between staying at home and a visit to the ER.  Smart pill bottles send real-time alerts to secure online servers and users. If someone needs to take their medicine at a certain time, the bottle goes blue if it is unopened, turns red and begins to emit an alarm.  The system also issues reminders via SMS or phone to remind patients that it is time for their medications.

Health Tracking Undergarments

Believe it or not but health tracking underwear is now a reality.  The technology caters to the senior population, the disposable briefs feature an indicator panel on the front that detects infections in the urinary tract as well as monitors for signs of dehydration. The goal is to identify an infection before the patient shows symptoms so that treatment can begin as early as possible.

Customized Mental Health Care

An online and mobile service is now available that offers counseling to people with mental health issues without having to go through a lengthy waiting period or exorbitant fees.  When people sign up, they take an assessment that examines stress, mood and level of anxiety, body image and even sleep habits.  Once all the data is collected, you then start a personalized program that blends reading, interactive exercises0, mood and behavior tracking with a weekly feedback from a coach.

Futuristic Baby Monitor

The device is clipped to your infant’s clothing and can receive wireless updates to your iPhone each time she rolls over. The device collects data such as ambient temperature, posture, movement and breathing. There is also a predictive component that allows parents to know to expect an additional forty five minutes of nap time if the baby is fed in the next fifteen minutes.


How to Get Top Dollar for Your Junker

A junk car is a vehicle that is worth more as scrap rather than as a car.  It may have been involved in a catastrophic accident, major flooding, and disrepair or just gotten too old or too expensive to maintain.  If you have a junk car in your garage you could trade it in for some money.  Here is how to get top dollar for your junker.


According to auto salvage Minnesota experts, research is key in getting top dollar value for your junker. There are many junk car buyers out there but be careful, they may offer you a huge amount over the phone but when they show up to get the car they may offer a lot of excuses in order to lowball the price, in the end it may not be worth your effort to do so.  Do a bit of research to determine which scrapyards are reputable against those that have gotten a bad rep.

Inspect the Car

You may not know it but people do tend to leave a lot of stuff in their cars. Cash, jewelry and other items of value may be left in the vehicle and forgotten. Inspect every nook and cranny who knows you may find that hundred dollar bill you “misplaced” driving home one time.

Is it a Classic?

If you own a really old car or inherited one in your current garage, have a mechanic look at it to determine whether it is something that may be valuable to restorers.  Some specific car makes and models are basically jewels in the rough, and if your car happens to be one of the rare ones, a collector or rare auto parts dealer may pay a pretty penny for it.

Electronic Items

According to auto recycling Princeton Minnesota experts, some car components can fetch a lot of money in the second hand market and may even be more valuable than the car itself. For example, a working GPS system can be sold for three to seven hundred bucks easy. A car stereo system in good working condition may fetch a hundred to a hundred and fifty.

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