Porcelain coatings are known to offer a classic looking and durable surface for bathroom sinks and kitchens. They come in classic white and other color variants. According to Minneapolis MN kitchen refinishing specialists, sink refinishing is the definitive method to ensure that your kitchen or bathroom sink retain their original luster. Here are some basic tips to consider.

Initial Prep

Prior to refinishing a porcelain type sink, it is imperative that you check for the presence of any structural damage that can make the refinishing process impossible, like the presence of cracks that pass through the vessel. Once you have established the viability of the sink you can then proceed to prepping the surface area. Minneapolis kitchen repair experts recommend that you remove the old caulk from between the sink and the wall. You then drag a putty knife carefully along the caulk, thereby lifting it to easily pull out and disposed of. Make sure to use proper care with the knife so as not to chip at the drywall or tile. You also need to cover the faucet with plastic that is secured in place by rubber band and then remove the drain cover. Use plastic sheeting and painter’s tape on the walls for added protection.

Cleaning the Sink

Once the old caulk has been removed and you have instituted the necessary fixture protection, you can then proceed to clean the sink thoroughly. You can use rubber gloves and a respirator to begin cleaning the surface of the sink using an acid-based cleaning solution like TSP or trisodium phosphate. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly once finished. For best results, rub the surface with denatured alcohol which is essentially a multi-purpose solvent once you are done with the cleaning process.

Repair and Etching

In order to repair any surface cracks or chips, a polyester glazing putty that is designed for use in porcelain sinks is used to repair any surface blemishes. Once this has been applied and allowed to dry, you need to use a medium grit sandpaper in order to sand the surface properly. Etch the surface after sanding in order to ensure that the new coat of paint will adhere to it properly.

Spraying New Enamel

Spraying on the new enamel will give the sink the proper coating it needs to look amazing. You can use an acrylic urethane enamel specifically for this purpose. Spray on at least three coats in order to get a smooth finish.

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