Vehicles are an investment. Choosing cars can be risky and at times downright confusing. It is therefore paramount you read reviews first no matter how popular or cheap a car is. When something is branded by a manufacturer to be fuel efficient and cheap it does not necessarily mean that you get good value for dollar. The same is true at the other end of the spectrum, expensive and stylish does not always mean good performance. Most if not all of the cars featured below will visit an auto recycling Blue Island IL facility soon.

The Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi MirageThe Mirage may be one of the cheapest and fuel efficient cars today. However it has scored very low in the performance department. Built completely in Thailand, the Mirage is powered by a puny three-cylinder engine that has a nasty habit of vibrating uncontrollably when all 74 horsepower is running. Handling is also a struggle with the Mirage as car reviewers placed it is extremely clumsy that it “leans in corners like a drunken sailor.”

Nissan Armada

Dubbed as having the worst fuel economy at 9/13 miles per gallon on average, it is highly likely that owners will trade this gas-guzzler for more efficient models very soon. This SUV features a 5.6-liter V8 that dates back well into the ancient past. Dubbed by Consumer Reports as the vehicle that aims to suck every last drop of fossil fuel from the earth, the Armada has a thirst for fuel like no other. Units will likely be brought to a junk my car Arlington IL dealer very soon.

Mini Cooper S

Dubbed as the “worst used car to own” by Consumer Reports it has a number of issues including major and minor engine problems, cooling, fuel systems, body integrity and body hardware problems, the car is also quite expensive to fix.

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