According to internet marketing Minnesota experts, the first step to improving your online presence is to make a website that functions well and reads well to your target audience. Ineffective websites serve to only alienate your demographic and can lead to a downward spike in your search engine result rankings. Here are some tips on effective website design and implementation.

Design and Ease of Usage

If the last time you have updated your site was five years ago then boy you are really in deep trouble. The aesthetics and functionality are way different than what is being implemented today. First impressions can really last forever on the internet so an outdated design and poor navigation will definitely not serve your best interest. Five years ago, mobile computing was just beginning to pick up; nowadays it has overtaken desktop usage as the number one gadget people use to go online. If you have a website that is not yet mobile ready but your competition does where do you think those projects will go? Aside from making your site mobile-friendly it is best to stay with a clean layout that is not too dependent on existing trends and fads.


Search engine optimization St. Paul specialists recommend that you take steps to make your site transparent to your users. It is important that people see the human touch behind the website and not just make it look like it is run by bots. Customers want to know if they can put their trust in your company and that means putting people that can get hold of if they have concerns or issues. Better transparency can be achieved through the creation of an “about us” page with real people from your company and not just stock photographs. Make sure to include contact information and make it a breeze for your customers to contact them. This means that you are available for whatever requests or questions they may have with regards to your products and services.

Do not be Shady

A lot of website owners believe that just because they have a lot of testimonials on their site they have already achieved a level of reputation that can put them on top of the search engine rankings. To tell you quite frankly, it is very easy to “manufacture” testimonials in a bid to improve reputation. If you do have genuinely good testimonials from users or reviewers, make sure that you place links for customers to verify the information. The important thing to think about here is not to be afraid to link with other sites if it is able to serve your interests.

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