What are the known differences as well as additional features of Carrera Digital 132 when compared with the Evolution PRO-X and PRO-X respectively?

Carrera slot car systems like the Carrera Digital 132 allow players to race up to 6 cars simultaneously on a single track. These slot cars are digitally controlled and individually codable using a speed controller. They can be used on the Evolution model. They feature front light Xenon and rear/brake light, sound finish body work. The pace car as well as the autonomous car can be operated. Players can customize maximum speed as well as the braking performance of the vehicle. The pit stop lane comes as an accessory and is compatible with the PRO-X. The track can be extended using any track material scale 1:24.

What is the technical data and scale of the Carrera Digital 132?

  • Scale of tracks 1:24 scale, scale of vehicles 1:32, track width: 198 mm, transformer: 14.8 volts, 3.5 amp
  • Up to 6 available for digital slot car racing

Does the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box feature six controller connections or is it only at 4?

The Carrera Digital 132 Black box still feature at least four controller connections. The IR system needs to be utilized in case 5 or 6 cars are needed for racing.

How is this Possible?

This can be achieved by using the speed controller extension box which is plugged in the connection of the speed controller 1 and therefore allows for a total of six speed controllers to be used.   Another option would be through a wireless connection. Connecting to Black Box Tower 1 and/or 2 in order to be able to control cars 1 to 4 via Wireless. Black Box connection 1 and 4 results in controlling speed regulators for car number 5 and 6.

Can the wireless option be combined with the Carrera Digital 132 or is there any fixed standard that needs to be followed?

Typically, the 2 systems are unrestricted. There are fixed controller connections for address 5 and 6. Both controller connections at the Carrera Digital 132 Black Box right hand side are specifically intended for address 5 and 6 with the IR system plugged in. Technically, only 4 cars may be controlled for the wireless option. Car number 5 and 6 have to be controlled via cable speed controllers located on the Black Box.

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