Garage doors are utilitarian items that serve an important purpose in any home.  They provide convenient ingress and egress of vehicles into the garage without the need for the homeowner to get out of the car to manually open a door.  As with everything that has moving parts, garage doors are subject to wear and tear.  Here is some useful garage door maintenance recommendations.

Alignment Check

As one of the most used pieces of equipment in the home, garage doors need to be checked regularly for proper alignment.  According to Garage Door Minneapolis MN experts, alignment checks need to be performed at least twice a year.  Check out any worn, loose or misaligned springs, cables, levers and hinges.  Also, check out the condition of the tracks and see if they are correctly aligned with the rollers. When doing the checks, perform also tightening of the screws, nuts and bolts as these are notorious for causing misalignment.

If you are having issues with the garage door lock, it is possible that the lock bar may require realignment. This can be achieved by removing the screws that hold it together and performing the adjustments as needed.  It is important to note however that aligning a garage door can be quite dangerous if you are not familiar with the mechanisms surrounding the door. May be best to call a professional just to be safe.

Oil it up

In order for the garage door to work effectively, all moving parts need proper lubrication such as rollers, roller tracks, latches, hinges, pulleys, bearings and springs.  Using WD-40 or any lightweight oil can do the trick just fine.

Rollers are another important component of the garage door. You know that they require lubrication if they are sticking or not turning smoothly.  Signs of damage means they will have to be replaced immediately.

According to Garage Door New Brighton MN professionals, weather stripping along the sides and base of the door should also be cleaned and lubricated with the use of vinyl cleaner.  Applying this can prevent it from cracking or drying out.

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