Social media giant Facebook is gearing up for some new changes that will affect the way you browse online. All of the said features are designed to make it easier for you to communicate not just with your friends but also with businesses.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the slew of platform modifications during F8, the company’s developer conference. Here are some of the things that you can expect to see soon.

Spherical Videos on your News Feed and Oculus VR headset

The company will soon support videos that were shot using 360-degree camera technology, which will allow users the capability to change the perspective by simply clicking and dragging the screen. YouTube, which is owned by Google, recently announced their support for the format as well. As video becomes the more popular format for file sharing, the two companies are expected to launch even more radical features very soon.

Online Purchase Tracking and Communication with Messenger App

Facebook’s messaging app will soon be integrated into e-commerce websites. In the near future, when you buy stuff online, you will have the option to connect to your FB account so that companies will be able to inform you about what you recently purchased directly in the Messenger application.

Replying to Messages Using Different Apps

In the past you will have to close an app in order to reply to messages. FB is saying that they are adding a feature that will allow you to open third party apps such as animated GIF-creator Giphy within Messenger and then be able to send a message.

Videos Posted on FB can now be Embedded Elsewhere on the Internet

As of late, when you upload a video on FB, you may only share the video by linking to it. The new feature is an attempt to make it more attractive for people to upload their vids on FB as opposed to YouTube alone.

Comments Posted on Other Sites will Show Up on Facebook as Well

The next time you want to say something regarding an article you have just read, please remember that it will soon show up automatically under the story that was posted on Facebook. The feature is designed to make it more convenient for media companies to achieve more engagement with their content.