In many homes today, acid stained concrete floors have become all the rage because it offers homeowners with a means to create an aesthetically perfect looking floor that is low on maintenance and cost. Acid stains are composed of metallic salts, acid and water and come in a number of natural colors that can be reduced as well as mixed to create great works of art. Here are some ways by which you can best protect your acid stained floors.

acid stainingAccording to commercial concrete floor contractor Minnesota experts, the stain penetrates approximately 1/32 of an inch into the concrete itself and is only as strong as that of its surface. In a lot of scenarios, the surface of the concrete floor may be weaker than its weight because of the finish and curing methods applied.  Due to cost constraints contractors often seal and protect the floor by applying several coats of acrylic based sealer.  This approach very much places the burden on the homeowner to maintain the floor. However, lack of maintenance work may leave the surface scratched and worn up to the point that the stain is gone.

To prevent this problem, remove all the stain residuals. Once the surface is dry, run your hand over to confirm that it is clean. The residuals function as a bond breaker and can stop any sealer from correctly adhering.  It is important to ensure that the surface is thoroughly dry because excess moisture can white out the coating and can also prevent penetration resulting to de-lamination. Concrete sealing company Minnesota specialists recommend a two-coat application of urethane to produce the best results.  Ensure that you follow the re-coat times as instructed by the manufacturer. It is also important to note that a lack of adhesion may result from delaying too long or blistering if the reapplication is done earlier.  Some of the most popular types are solvent based due to their talent  of enhancing the color of the stains. To avoid the solvent odor common among these products, water based systems may be used.

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