The garage is one of the places in the house where pests and other vermin tend infest because it is always opened and closed giving them enough chance to come in from the outside.  Your garage may normally be not the cleanest part of your home but it should not mean that you have to contend with this issue.  Check out some of these tips to keep it insect free.

Keep Your Garbage Secure

One of the major reasons bugs and other insects infest your garage is because the garbage can was not left secure.  If you store your garbage in the garage make sure that it does not leak or else bugs and other insects will smell the buffet.  Also, store your garbage outside whenever it is possible.  According to garage door maintenance Anaheim California experts, if you cannot avoid storing it in your garage at least clean and disinfect the can with bleach or some other cleaning liquid. Make sure also that the bags are tied tightly before they go into the can to prevent pests from being attracted to it.

Determine Where They Come In

Auto Reverse Feature on Garage DoorsIf you notice an increasing number of insects and other pests in your garage you need to determine where they are coming in. Obvious holes in the wall may not be seen outright so take a flashlight and explore the nooks and crannies. Look for animal droppings, sawdust, spider webs, wasp nests, and obvious chew marks on insulation etc., as these are pretty obvious signs that you have unwanted residents in your garage.

Perform Regular Maintenance Checks on Your Garage Door

More often than not, the most obvious entry point to your home would be the garage door.  Look for cracks, holes and other signs of damage. Check if it is properly aligned or any spaces in between that would allow small animals and other insects to get inside.  Garage door repair Santa Ana California experts recommend annual maintenance checkups to ensure optimum door function.

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