stamp concreteWhile concrete is known to be a very reliable and resilient material, sadly it also can be the most boring.  However, advances in the way concrete is applied have given rise to new design techniques and innovations which make concrete one of the most sought after construction material around.  Two particular methods that can transform your floors into works of art is stamped concrete application and concrete staining.

The Difference

Stamped concrete creates unique patterns and textures to your concrete floor. When combined with another method called concrete staining, the result is simply phenomenal.  According to home concrete floor contractor Minnesota specialists it is possible to paint concrete but the approach is quite different as painting places a very thin about 3 to 4 mils. (0.05”) thick layer on top of the concrete. Aside from some pigment that possibly could seep into the concrete pores, largely the pain is present only on the surface.


According to decorative concrete contractor experts, staining concrete involves a chemical reaction between the acid stain and the cement present in the concrete mixture. Concrete is comprised of binding cement and aggregate. The fact that the stain works through a chemical reaction between cement and stain, the aggregate is left unaffected by the process.

How it Works

The staining process can be done on cured, hardened concrete the process is outlined below.

  1. Cleaning
  2. Sanding/Scuffing
  3. Application of stain
  4. Curing

Once cleaning and scuffing is done the concrete stain may be applied in a variety of ways like the use of rollers, mops and brushes.  The most recommended means however is via an ordinary sprayer similar to the ones used in herbicides which offers a wider and much more even stain distribution.  Once this is done it takes at least 8 hours for the chemical reaction to complete. Do not walk on the stained concrete as doing so may permanently add footprints on the finished floor.

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