garagedoorGo around your neighborhood and you will notice that the garage door located in front of a property takes up about 20 to 40% of the façade. According to garage door Coon Rapids MN experts, many home buyers notice the garage door first when looking for property.  Here are some of the important benefits of upgrading your garage door system.

Increased Home Value

This is a no brainer, everyone knows that homes with garage doors have higher home values than those that do not.  Increased home value for your property means you can sell it at a higher price.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Ask yourself how many times have you painted and repainted your wooden garage door through the years due to the fact that it fades over time? Metal doors that feature a protective coating of factory baked-on paint will spare you this activity.

Added Security

There is nothing more important than protecting your home from break-ins.  According to garage door Ham Lake MN experts, if your door was made prior to 1993, the signal of the remote transmitter that came with the door can easily be hijacked as it is not yet equipped with modern rolling code systems.  Newer doors today allow you to control your door using your laptop, smart phone or tablet.

Better Insulation

Newer doors means access to better insulating properties. A well-insulated and weather tight garage door prevents the transfer of outdoor cold to the interior parts of your home. The same principle happens during the summer so your door will stay cool even during the hot summer months.

Lower Risk of Injury

Modern doors have a ton of safety features like a photoelectric sensor that detects objects directly in the path of the door. Automatic garage doors have this safety feature that auto reverses the movement of the door when someone or something is detected directly below it.

Quiet Doors

Gone are the days when garage doors were just noisy pieces of equipment.  There are ultra-quiet garage door models out there that feature a belt drive as opposed to a chain drive.

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