retaining wallA retaining wall offers lateral support to vertical slopes of soil. As the name suggest they retain in this case soil, which under normal circumstances would collapse into its natural shape. The other name for a retaining wall is called backfill.  Here is what you should know about them.

According to concrete delivery Saint Paul MN experts, retaining walls may be built using different materials and methods. The design and wall type selection is influenced by several factors, which include cost, needed wall height, speed of construction and lastly ground water conditions including the characteristics of the soil.


In most US states, the design of a retaining wall needs to be approximately four feet and needs to be designed by a certified engineer.  Moreover, it is essential to check and stick to local building codes before any construction begins, even if the wall in question is lesser than four feet.  According to cement Saint Paul Twin Cities MN experts, when it comes to design retaining walls should be looked as load bearing members and only as aesthetic groundscapes second.  Anyone looking to design a concrete retaining wall must have adequate knowledge of lateral earth pressures to determine stability.  They need to consider wall overturning, soil bearing capacity failures and base sliding factors. Once the wall is sized, each wall member needs to be checked for proper strength and steel reinforcement.


For people looking to have a concrete retaining wall constructed, the basic one will set you back around thirty to forty dollars per square foot and the cost goes up if you want to add embellishments like steps, lighting, decorative finish, lighting and other upgrades.

Major Factors that influence cost are:

Height –  The taller the wall, the more concrete it will require which will lead to higher material costs.

Reinforcement – additional reinforcements like earthquake protection will also add to the cost.

Curves – the addition of curves will make the framework more complex and lead to higher labor and material costs

Decorative Finish – Adding texture and color will improve the appearance of an otherwise drab wall but will increase cost in labor and materials.

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