What is Air Stripping?

The process of air stripping involves the passage of moving air via contaminated ground or surface water located in an aboveground treatment setup.  It gets rid of nasty water-borne chemicals called VOCS or volatile organic compounds. These chemicals quickly evaporate which means they can change form from liquid to a gaseous state.  The air that goes through the dirty water encourages evaporation of these VOCs and once the water is treated, the chemical and air is collected and the n removed or allowed to vent outside if the levels are safe.

How is it Used?

The process of air stripping is possible via the use of a device known as an air stripper, which can either be fixed or mobile air strippers.  It utilizes what is called an aeration tank in order to force air through the contaminated water for the purpose of evaporating the volatile organic chemicals.  The most commonly used type is called the packed-column air stripper, which is essentially a tall tank that is filled with steel, ceramic or packing material and lastly pieces of plastic.


Once the contaminated water is pumped above ground and into the top portion of the tank it then trickles downward through the spaces in between the packing material, which forms a thin film of water that increases its exposure to the air that is blown in at the bottom. Next, a sieve-tray air stripper that features several trays and small openings accepts the water, which flows across its trays; a fan at the bottom then blows air upwards via the holes, which elevates the air exposure. Rising air and vapors collect at the top portion and treated. The treated water then goes to the bottom and is then tested to ensure it complies with regulations. The safe water is then pumped into an underground area or to a municipal treatment station.


The process is generally safe and the fact that mobile air stripping is possible means that the machine can be taken on-site to treat the contaminated water as opposed to collecting water for treatment at another facility. Moreover, the contaminated water is contained properly so there is a very small chance that people or animals may get into contact with it.

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