When it comes to negotiating with new homebuyers, do you ever feel like you are encountering the same responses and obstacles over and over again? While the faces differ, the rejections feel like you’ve heard it a thousand times before.  According to remodeler sales conversion providers, human behavior is quite predictable especially when it comes to buying a new home.  Here are some ways by which you can overcome these common homebuyer rejection responses.

“The wife and I will think about it.”

This is probably one of the most common rejection responses faced by renovation sales specialists.  To put it simply, the buyer is not yet convinced which is why he is hesitating. You need to determine the underlying issue why not.

Here is how to reply: “ I know how you feel. Can I put together some important data to assist you in making a decision? We know that you like the neighborhood and the community and you seem to like the home. Is there anything else that you need from me in order for you make up your mind?”

“I will have to discuss this with my lawyer/accountant/other.

This response is an obvious delay tactic from a customer that is hesitant to make a major decision on his own. Regardless of his true nature here is how you can reply:

“ I am sorry to hear that you lawyer/accountant/other cannot join us today.  However, since you are quite happy with the home and the offer, we can begin the paperwork already so that it meets the standard of your lawyer/accountant/other in order for you not to miss out on this rare opportunity.

“We can’t afford this, it is simply too expensive.”

When faced with this response try to determine if the buyer is simply saying he cannot afford it or he is just not into it. Your customer is not thinking the home is not worth the price tag or is merely looking for a discount. As opposed to simply giving up here is what you can say:

“You can definitely find a home that is of lesser value but you need to know that with that comes a lesser home, neighborhood or both.  If you take into consideration the price difference and then compute it with the current interest rates, a twenty thousand dollar difference is equivalent to just $4.67 per day. Do you really think that the price of a cup of coffee is enough to prevent you from owning the home you really want?

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