hot water recirculationA Phoenix hot water recirculation system is typically a plumbing system that moves hot water to fixtures fast without waiting for the water to turn hot. As opposed to simply relying on low water pressure which is common in many water lines, recirculating systems move water from a water heater to the faucets. Here are some important facts you need to know regarding hot water recirculation systems.
Dedicated Loop System
In this version, the system is mounted on a pipe that is connected to a water heater tank down low. This is the cooler side of the loop or simply the return. According to hot water recirculation Grundfos specialists, the hot water pipe is installed via a loop throughout the home, passing near each plumbing fixture. At each fixture there is a short pipe that connects the loop to the hot water valve. The fact that hot water is constantly circulating through the hot water loop, anytime a valve is opened, it only requires a fraction of a second for hot water to be able to reach the valve. This actually extends the lifespan of the pump and if the home is currently not occupied, it will most probably be left unplugged.
Integrated Loop System
This type typically used on retrofits but may also be used for new home construction. It consists of a pump that is installed under the plumbing fixture farthest from the water heater. The pump contains a sensor which switches the pump on when water temperature goes below 85 degrees Fahrenheit and then switches it off when the water temperature goes up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. In this system, hot water is re-circulated on an intermittent basis. Cold water pipes is used to return hot water to the water heater. This raises the temperature of the cold water slightly but it returns to the normal temperature in a short period of time.
It does not matter whether they are automatic or manually controlled, recirculation systems does a good job of reducing the amount of water that is wasted while the homeowner waits for the correct temperature for usage.
Recirculation systems are able to:
• Save time as they deliver hot water quite quickly to faucets providing utmost convenience
• Conserve water as they provide lesser water wastage while waiting for the water to reach the desired temperature
• They reduce municipal energy waste
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