For people thinking of designing a custom home, the modern house design is one of the popular options that homebuyers choose because of the sleek clean lines and the efficient means of using space balanced with functionality.  There are a lot of influences on the modern design cause ranging from the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles Eames to contemporary eco-design aesthetics that integrate natural finishes and repurposed items.  Here is some important guidelines on modern house design.

Architectural Influences

custom built modern homeAccording to custom homebuilder Plymouth MN specialists, innovative architectural elements are the mainstays of modern home designs.  For example, repurposed industrial buildings, urban high rises, combination of live and work spaces and lofts comprise some of the modern spaces being used today.  Glass walls, skylights, sliding walls and inner courtyards make use of exterior and interior spaces effectively. Ladders and stairwells connect to living areas along with work spaces however, they are located on separate floors.  Open floor spaces that connect the dining room with the living space as well as the kitchen often portray a bay of picture windows or solar tubes for the purpose of allowing natural light to come through the enormous space.

Palette and Finishes

According to custom homebuilder Greenfield Minnesota experts, modern house design is a blend of different palettes and finishes such as the midcentury modern look that includes wood tones, angular lines, metal accents and geometric shapes.  The bohemian modern look features a more art like approach similar to the look of a typical Paris apartment loaded with paintings, bold-colored furniture and lots of antique pieces.  Eco-modern calls for the use of renewal or non-toxic materials like bamboo floors, organic textiles, solid wood furniture and paint sans any volatile organic substances.

Layout and Furniture

Multi-use pieces are very much welcome in open floor plans or loft-style houses. For instance, a Shoji screen could function not just as a window cover but also a piece of artwork or a room divider.  A big bookcase or long bench set with plants can separate the dining from the living room areas. A covered porch or patio can allow gathering to spill out from the interior spaces into the garden.

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