outdoor party mosquito controlIf you are planning to have a party in your yard, nothing can ruin the fun and conversation than guests slapping themselves against the bite of a pesky mosquito.  Mosquitoes are normally attracted to areas where there is a high degree of food and in this case, a garden party filled with human guests is like a buffet feast for these pests.  Here are some outdoor party mosquito control measures that you can use to keep your party free of these pests.

Water Control Measures

Insect control service Crystal Minnesota providers recommend that you get rid of mosquito habitats in your yard to instantly reduce the mosquito population by more than 50% instantly.  Look for containers, plant pots and bowls where dirty stagnant water may collect. Fill in any spots in your garden with dirt based sod so as to get rid of standing water. If you have a pond that has live fish, make sure you have Koi or other mosquito fish that eat mosquito eggs, larvae and pupa stages.

Natural Control Approach

For areas of standing water that you cannot eliminate for a variety of reason what you can do is add bacillus thuringiensis into the water. This bacteria is harmless to animals but is quite deadly to mosquito larvae. You can use a blend of neem oil and water to spray bushes and plants. Neem oil is a known natural pesticide that can drive off mosquitoes from areas where it is applied.  You can also burn citronella candles or citronella oil in tiki torches to drive away these pests during your party.

Chemical Approach

If the natural approach fails to curb mosquito populations to the level that is safe for your garden party then mosquito control service St. Louis Park MN recommend that you resort to the chemical approach.  You can use a variety of commercially prepared pest control products both water and oil based which can be sprayed on the ground like grassy areas and bushes or you can hire a professional pest control company to do the heavy lifting for you and effectively prepare your garden to become “mosquito free” in time for your party.

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