WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms for creating sites. Once you have created a site you need to ensure that it is ranked properly in search engine results pages so that you can have the exposure you need to reach your target audience.  Here is where the process of web development end and search engine optimization begins.

Content is King

wordpressAccording to Internet Marketing Minneapolis experts, optimization is effective when it is paired with unique and high quality content. Preferably, the text you provide on the site feature keywords that focuses on the overall theme of what you are posting.  The content needs to be easily understandable and readable by almost anyone. The text for your site needs to be written with the viewer in mind, not the search engine.

Exchange of Backlinks

In order to stay relevant, your WordPress site needs to exchange backlinks with other authoritative sites (those with high page ranks) that relate to your topic. It is also equally important to link between pages within your site itself but do this with a bit of caution and only link if it is relevant.  Avoid the mistake of linking each page to one another.

Match a Good File Name with Image Files

According to SEO Minnesota providers, search engines have a knack of drawing images in the ranking of sites. For example, Google displays both text as well as images on its results, drawing on appropriate pictures that are present in the post and then linked to the page.  To do this correctly you need to implement keywords of a certain subject in your filename. Instead of linking DSC123456.jpg use basketball-Lebron-James-Clevelan.jpg instead.  If you have an image of Lebron James in Cleveland do not forget to utilize the alt tag as well as the title tag for your pictures.  This will result to better usability and hence better search ranking.

Use SEO Optimized Themes

There are some WordPress themes out there that require a lot of code to establish design and layout. The search engine will analyze through the source code to determine relevant content. More code means lesser keywords and content.  Quick performing WordPress themes are recommended as they have a positive effect on Google ranking because site performance is a good benchmark for user experience.

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