One of the ways by which churches can help their congregation be more active is to introduce several “back to school activities” during the transition of summer to fall. The change in seasons can revive interest among members of your congregation for the purpose of building a new personal growth plan, or to take part in redecorating a church building.

Announce Ahead

In order to get as much church members as you can to join in on the activities, you need to announce ahead your plan to introduce back to school activities. You can distribute church leaflets after the service to allow potential participants time to prepare. Doing so will also allow you to reach as much people as you can. Make sure that the leaflets contain the dates and times you will need their participation.

Redecorating Activity

During the last week of August, gather church members and then redecorate key sections of your facility. Allowing people that normally do not take part in church activities to contribute support in a creative manner will allow them to have a greater sense of ownership. Gather your church supplies and repaint high-traffic areas like the main hallways and bathroom. Change or update the curtains and rugs or make a bigger effect by establishing a new theme to a room. This type of activity can help foster a sense of responsibility among church members and may also provide the chance for people to develop friendships. Provide the volunteers with refreshments like pizza for a job well done.

Parent’s Day Out

Establish some events whose aim is to assist parents that need to shop for school supplies and clothing for their kids. Plan several nights or afternoons where moms and dads can drop their children at the free day care facility in your church. Offer good quality films and fun games to keep the kids entertained.

Teachers Too

Bring treats and give them as a gift to admin staff of local schools on the first day of school. Provide a “teacher survival kit” that contains snacks, tissues, water bottle and disinfecting wipes. Enclose a business card or flyer that features your church services and activities.