Fire pits offer a lot of opportunities for outdoor cooking and also provide a place to sit down and have a cool fireside chat with close friends and family members. Fire pits for the most part burn wood in order to create heat and light. Some fire pit designs are meant to be permanent additions to the landscaping while others are temporary and some are even portable so you can change their location easily. According to fire pits Zimmerman Minnesota specialists, a fire pit is one of the easiest means of adding dimension to your yard. Here are some design ideas to consider.

Stone and Brick Fire Pits

This type of fire pit design calls for digging a hole in the soil or gravel. To define the boundaries of the pit, a ring of bricks, stones or concrete blocks are stacked around the rim. This prevents logs from rolling out of the pit as they burn. This design can be a temporary one if set in place without any mortar. A permanent grill may be placed simply by mortaring it as you please.

Outdoor fireplace Design

According to landscape Plymouth MN specialists, this is basically an outdoor fire pit that is designed to look like an interior fireplace. It is basically an upright structure that consists of a chimney and is usually built out of stones, concrete blocks and bricks. The design can either be permanent or temporary. Most models burn wood while a select few ones are designed for gas use.

Gas Fire Pits

Due to the simple fact that not all locations are within the proximity of a good supply of wood for burning in a fire pit, gas fire pits are designed to specifically cater to these places. The design for gas fire pits usually consists of metal and is powered either by natural gas lines or propane tanks. The advantage is that unlike wood fueled designs, there is no cleanup needed after cooking with gas.

Chiminea Design

This is basically an enclosed outdoor fire pit that consists of metal, terra cotta or ceramic. It features a rounded body and a tall chimney. Due to the fact that they are more enclosed than the other designs, they are able to trap the heat they generate.

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