mosquito in lawnDuring the summer, a lot of people have outdoor parties and barbecues. Good food and good conversation abound during fun Saturday afternoons in the yard. While summer brings good weather to all, it also brings with it flying and biting insects that can ruin any outdoor party. Among the most hated of these insects is the mosquito. Here are some outdoor mosquito control tips to consider.


Get rid of their Habitat

According to mosquito control service St. Louis Park MN specialists, in order to get rid of mosquitoes from pestering your outdoor party you need to exterminate their breeding places. Mosquitos breed in stagnant or standing water, they lay their eggs and the larvae develop into the pupa stage and eventually into an adult. Look for any piece of object that can harbor standing water like plastic containers, plant pots and pet bowls and then get rid of it. Fill in any spots in your lawn and garden with sod or dirt in order to get rid of standing water. If you have a pond that can support live fish, add koi or mosquito fish which eat mosquito larvae, eggs and pupa.

Natural Pest Control

For standing water spots that could not be eliminated like ponds, birdbaths and fountains, an effective method would be to add a live fungus called bacillus thuringiensis. This organism is harmless to animals but quite deadly to mosquito larvae. Use a blend of neem oil and water in order to spray bushes and plants. Neem oil is known to be a natural pesticide that drives away mosquitos. During an outdoor party you can light up citronella candles or burn citronella oil to drive away mosquitos from your guests. Grow catnip because it has a natural insect repelling property and smells good too. Place it in portable pots as well as in certain areas where your guests congregate.

Chemical Pest Control

There are a number of commercial chemical mosquito control solutions available in the market today. Commercial pest control products like those provided by insect control service Crystal Minnesota providers are either water-based or oil products that can be sprayed on the yard like in grassy sections and bushes. Other insect control items like lamps, coils and no-pest strips may be hung strategically on different areas as well.

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